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SSB dog squad was raised in the year 2005. At present total 329 dogs have been authorized for the Force. Total 229 dogs of Labrador, German Shepherd, Cocker Spenial and Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) breeds of Explosive, Narcotic , Tracker& Mine Detection trades are  playing an important role in ensuring a safe and secure border and are effectively countering drug trafficking and smuggling of explosives etc. across Indo-Nepal and Indo- Bhutan borders. SSB has trained 135 sniffer dogs in various trades in SSB Dog Training Centre till date.



SSB has been authorized Dog Breeding and Training Centre at Dera, Alwar (Rajasthan) where till date total 152 (German Shephered-89 and Labrador-63) pups have been produced to meet our own deficiency and will start providing pups to other Forces in CAPF/Stat Police Orgaisation from 2017-18 onward on requirement basis.