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The SSB Toll-free Helpline has been operationalised on Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bhutan Border with the objective to reach out to the Border Population by way of providing a forum which is easily accessible to all and sundry. The helpline number has been facilitated for Pan India calls in the backdrop of deployment of SSB on ANO and IS Duty from time to time, and possibility of important inputs about functioning of the Force from all over.

 The objectives of the Toll-free Helpline are:

 i)     To evolve a mechanism whereby the border population could share valuable inputs/suggestions, giving an insight into the problem areas with regard to functioning of the force and suggestions for improvement.

ii)           To receive complaints of corruption involving SSB personnel.

iii)       To register complaints/grievances with respect to conduct of force personnel in the area of deployment e.g. harassment, attitudinal indifference, abrasive behaviour etc. So as to enable SSB to take corrective measures.

iv)            To ensure public participation in combating cross-border crimes/antinational activities e.g. human trafficking, smuggling,, etc.

v)       To facilitate immediate assistance to the border population in the event of any natural calamity and emergent situation by deploying the available resources of the Force.

vi)         To receive actionable intelligence/ops inputs which require prompt action.


           A Short Code-1903 has been obtained from Dept. Of Telecommunications for the purpose with following features:


i)       Category-I Service which makes it mandatory service to be provided by all the Access Service Providers.

ii)                Metered (meaning that the “Called Party” pays)

iii)              Unrestricted Accessibility i.e. it shall be available on STD also.


     The mapping of the Short Code has been carried out in the following manner:


      Source/origin of calls                                         Destination of Calls

a)     Uttarakhand                                          :         Frontier HQ Ranikhet.

b)    Uttar Pradesh                                         :         Frontier HQ Lucknow

c)     Bihar                                                      :         Frontier HQ Patna

d)    West Bengal, Sikkim                              :         Frontier HQ Siliguri

e)     Assam, Arunachal Pradesh                    :         Frontier HQ Guwahati

f)      Anywhere else in India Excluding                    :         Frontier HQ Lucknow

 above states.  

 The above mapping of the calls pertaining to respective FTRs has been arranged so that calls get routed to the concerned Frontier HQ promptly for taking suitable action.